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Are you taking metal health seriously?

From low morale, to trust issues between managers and workers, all the way to frequent and long-term absences, mental health issues are a real problem that are costing businesses billions every year. In the current challenging times supporting a positive approach to metal health is now a have too rather than a nice too do. […]

Show me the MONEY!

Do you think HR Support is expensive?  Many business owners assume they can’t afford a HR consultant. But what if we told you that having the right HR practices embedded in your business can save you a ton of cash? We’re here to bust some myths so you can see that investing, in the right […]

You’ve Got Mail

With most of the team working from home email is becoming the most popular way to communicate and we are all having the deal with the constant pinging of new mail arriving. We don’t need to tell you the importance of good communications skills, and we’re sure you’re well-versed in talking face-to-face with clients, running […]

Life after Lockdown – how are you preparing your staff?

We’ve been through a lot in the last few months, and as business owners, there’s still much more to come. You’ve managed furlough, working from home, online meetings, a huge range of family circumstances in the background… The ability to measure productivity effectively has been challenging to say the least.   Now we’re ready to […]

Is your business big enough to worry about HR?

Well, even if you have just one employee right now, the answer is YES. Now of course, I get it. There are already plenty of things to think about when you run a business and every single one will come with its own price tag that you need to absorb. So how do you separate […]

How Are You Supporting Working Parents?

Covid-19 makes the need to support parent to remain in work even more challenging.  How are parents supposed to work with children at home?  With School’s closed and even as some start to have certain year groups back we are far away from normal school attendance and wrap around care.   The challenges to balance the […]

Are your HR practices up to scratch

As a business owner you probably started your own business because you’re passionate about bringing your product or service into the world, and providing a much-needed solution for your customers and clients. Overtime it has grown and with it the exciting step of becoming an employer. This people management malarkey though – it’s not necessarily […]