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From low morale, to trust issues between managers and workers, all the way to frequent and long-term absences, mental health issues are a real problem that are costing businesses billions every year. In the current challenging times supporting a positive approach to metal health is now a have too rather than a nice too do.

As an employer, some of the buck stops with you. You have a responsibility to meet basic standards (as a minimum) in supporting staff with mental health issues. Sadly, a third of businesses are not taking on that responsibility at all.

Now we’re not saying this is an easy task – there’s still a stigma around mental health that can make it tricky to tackle in way that will engage staff. But the right practices can make all the difference not only to your business, but to those individuals needing emotional support.

So, what could you consider in your business to support the mental health and wellbeing of your employees?

  • Grow your knowledge

First and foremost, you need to equip yourself with the practical knowledge to confidently tackle the issue head on. Communication will be key and talking will go a long way to removing the fear of speaking up and asking for help.

  • Train all Managers

Do you have line managers in your team, and have they undertaken mental health training? As a manager, recognizing the signs of struggle before it results in absence will not only save money, but build loyalty and trust among employees. Line managers will be the first to notice any signs of an employee not being their normal selves or responding to situations in a different way.  Sometimes the sign as tiny but a trained line manager is better equipped to notice them and provide support.

  • Manage with understanding

Often flexible working provisions can be enough to stop someone needing additional support from spiraling out of control or ending up on long-term sick leave. Often staff are worried about asking for support and flexibility to enable them to take positive step so don’t be affair to offer support that will potentially be life changing.You may wonder why you need to support mental health at work and if you think that you are missing a trick.  Providing support is of mutual benefit to both businesses and employees and it’s time to make sure all businesses are taking the wellbeing of their staff seriously.  No one decides to have mental health issues so how you support it as the employer will impact on the long terms relationship and get it right and it’s a positive outcome and if not well you can write you own bad ending.

Have you considered how you can make your workplace more accommodating for those suffering from mental health issues? If you want to make changes but don’t know where to start, then we can help. Get in touch today to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your options.  Email us at or call us on 01628 702018.