Do you think HR Support is expensive?  Many business owners assume they can’t afford a HR consultant. But what if we told you that having the right HR practices embedded in your business can save you a ton of cash?

We’re here to bust some myths so you can see that investing, in the right HR partner, now can bring a huge return on investment through money you’ll never spend.


Here are four ways a good HR consultant can slash some costs in your business:


#No.1 Forget tribunals…

Being a fair employer doesn’t necessarily mitigate the risk of ending up in a costly employment tribunal situation.

Employment law is a complicated beast, and the slightest oversight can land you in difficult waters without a paddle.

HR consultants will make sure all your people practices are the right side of the law.  We are ethical in all our actions but we make sure that they results are delivered so we can defend in court if ever challenged.


#No.2 Increased productivity…

OK, doubling the productivity of your workforce overnight isn’t going to happen. But putting in systematic steps over time will keep productivity on the increase and plug those money gaps.

Making sure staff are firing on all cylinders will skyrocket output and is much more cost effective than huge marketing campaigns. Shifting your focus to what’s already inside the business almost always offers a bigger return on investment.

Suffering from mediocre performance not when we are on the case supporting you.


#No.3 Education’s what you need…

HR consultants don’t just turn up, sprinkle some temporary magic fairy dust over your business, and run. Our job is to educate your managers, so they have the skills to actively drive your business forward.  The clue is in the title manager, we make sure they understand what it means to be a manager in your business.

Your people are your most important investment, so why not nurture them? If you can see there’s room for improvement, take responsibility and offer the opportunity for development rather than apportion blame.


#No.4 Pick ‘n Mix…

 A one step at a time approach isn’t a bad one and a good HR consultant will offer you a package that’s right for your business right now. Not everyone needs long-term contracts, and that’s ok.  We aim to be your HR Department when you need us, so on your terms.

If you’re receiving bespoke advice, that’s solving the specific problems you have, and moving for in a forward direction, you’ll be saving money and adding to your bottom line.


The best HR consultancy services will make you a better employer at the same time as saving you money. If you want to talk about how we can move forward together, get in touch today and arrange your no-obligation consultation.   Email us at or call us on 01628 702018.