Successful communications with employees. HR for Small Business, HR support in Berkshire

Successful communications with employees. HR for Small Business, HR support in Berkshire

With most of the team working from home email is becoming the most popular way to communicate and we are all having the deal with the constant pinging of new mail arriving.

We don’t need to tell you the importance of good communications skills, and we’re sure you’re well-versed in talking face-to-face with clients, running effective meetings, and presenting when the need arises.

But how are your skills when it comes to email?

Emails are something we all use every day and they’ll be saying a lot about the type of communicator you are. We like to think there’s always room for improvement when it comes to communicating with our staff, se here are our quick tips for improving your email communications…


Make the subject line count.  

Subject lines are super powerful, but they’re rarely used to their full potential. Consider for a second how they’re used by marketers. Your personal inbox is likely filled with carefully crafted subject lines, all enticing you to open the email and take the desired action.

Now we’re not saying you need to take the marketing approach on your subject lines, but we do encourage you to give it some thought. Is it clear from that one line what the email is about and what action you require?


Spit it out…

Like it or not, most of us have the attention span of a gnat! That’s not to be disrespectful, it’s just the reality of our fast-paced lives. We haven’t got the time (or inclination) to get through waffle. So, keep the message simple, and make sure the key point is in the first couple of lines.

If you know you over explain or complicate things, simply ask if there are any questions. That will keep the conversation back and forth much simpler and probably less time consuming.

The fortune is in the follow up.

Email is of course a blessing for businesses, making communication much faster and easier. In fact, many of us would now prefer to receive a simple email than have to arrange a call, or travel to a meeting. But it should completely replace traditional communication methods.

A quick call to follow up an important email, or a face-to-face chat, is where the personal touches come in to build solid relationships. The email is there to simplify things, not hide behind.

More now than ever, we’re relying on email so it’s essential we put some care and attention into how we want to be perceived by staff. Putting these tips into action could improve your relationship with your team and ramp up productivity. What tips would you add to this list?


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