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I’m Melting

It is fair to say the weather in the UK can be changeable and it is also true that we are not very good at dealing with these changes!  As much as we all want warmer weather we seem to end up with short but intense heat waves, and there’s no telling how long they […]

Companies with female exec’s perform better, so, why not have more?

Now I’m not about to start banging a drum about the glass ceiling but the results of the recent Pipeline’s Women Count survey have been published, and they raise some pretty interesting and important questions about female leadership, and the progress we’re making towards ensuring that women are given the opportunity to thrive in senior […]

The Holiday is over now back to Business

Is the long hot summer finally coming to an end? Let’s hope not but your teams time out of the office on annual leave probably is.  The summer months aren’t best known for being the most productive of seasons in the workplace. With many staff members heading off on holiday, or dreaming of more exotic […]

Are you staff well enough to be at work?

Are you staff well enough to be at work? Now I am normally more on the case of “staff should maintain regular and consistent attendance at work” and don’t get me wrong that is still one of the fundamentals of the employment contract but let’s take a second to consider the times when someone drags […]